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    August 28,2014

    Since July 16, 2010, I have had photovoltaic solar on my home in Barre — 12,346 kilowatt-hours produced to date; 6,502 kilowatt-hours returned to the grid for others to use. Ten tons of carbon dioxide saved. Distributed, small-scale power production, to be sure. The technology has changed since those panels were installed. There is now development in clear PV solar that could be installed on the windows of a home. A skyscraper could become a solar power production source.

    “On October 19, 1941, on a mountaintop near Castleton, Vermont made history in the global wind energy industry. On this date, for the first time in the world, a large-scale wind turbine delivered power into an electric utility’s system.”

    There were those who considered that Smith-Putney wind turbine project risky, even foolish. But in the end it was considered an engineering success around the world. Vermont led the way.

    Harnessing the sun is the future. Photovoltaic solar and wind are the future. In the past, 73 years ago to be exact, the people of Castleton could see that future. It is sad to read: “When developers proposed a wind project for a hill in western Vermont called Grandpa’s Knob, nearly universal opposition among local residents and select boards in the affected towns — Castleton, Hubbardton, Pittsford and West Rutland — persuaded the developers to back away.”

    Alfred S. Blakey


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