• Harassment is harassment
    August 27,2014

    Regarding recent articles and letters in reference to the Planned Parenthood clinic in Burlington, my thoughts are, why not record both video and audio recordings of the so-called protesters’ behavior at the clinic? If they have all these “rights” to be there bothering women entering the clinic, then others have a right to record them. We’ll see how “educational” their behavior is. After gathering enough recordings, file a petition with the court to have a hearing on the matter and introduce the new evidence of harassment and threats. If these protesters want to go on lying about their intentions for being at the clinic, then let them do it under oath and get nailed for perjury.

    I believe in live and let live in these matters. If these protesters minded their own business, these problems would vanish with the dust in the Burlington wind. Either you believe in the U.S. Constitution or you don’t. People have a right to privacy and the freedom to come and go without being harassed. That has nothing to do with Planned Parenthood. It’s one of our rights as U.S. citizens and it needs to be protected and honored by all people in America, regardless of their personal beliefs.

    Tom King


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