• Perspectives appreciated
    August 27,2014

    Perspectives appreciated

    Thank you, Eric Blaisdell, for delivering a truly balanced story regarding the state police using military hardware in its policing of a suicidal man in Duxbury.

    Finally, a differing set of perspectives gathered all on one page. One from the Vermont State Police, who saw their objective as, first, not placing people in harmís way of a man intent on harming himself and anyone who happened to be in the vicinity, and from the ACLU perspective, who publicly wondered if the personal appearance of the law enforcement agitated the patient further.

    However, the best portions of the story were quotes from the executive director of Washington County Mental Health Services, Mary Moulton. Her support of VSP and understanding of their mutual efforts to safely and peacefully resolve a very volatile situation only served to show that she completely understands that sometimes apparent public perception is not reality.

    All this focus of late on the use of former military hardware has been blown completely out of perspective. I should think, in this day and age of school shootings and Oklahoma City-type behaviors that seem to routinely happen in this country, that the public should not be terribly surprised when law enforcement takes steps to provide for its own safety. As far as cost, obtaining a $600,000 MRAP for free seems a great deal, even if modifications to make it safe for the open road are required.

    Christopher Maloney


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