• Water is safe
    August 27,2014

    Water is safe

    When Montpelier residents say they “get their water from Berlin Pond,” it’s not like they trudge to the water’s edge and pull up a bucketful of “straight-from-the-source” pond water.

    They have a filtration system that cleans the water of any impurities before it surges out of the tap in their home. Won’t this system filter out any stray drops of petroleum that may inadvertently make their way into the water?

    Not that there’s much chance of that happening anyway. Gas motors are already banned. Most of the “boat traffic” is canoes and kayaks powered by the people in them. As for gas augers, snowmobiles, etc., the protesters are getting their wish as the process to ban these items is underway.

    When it comes to “politics” getting in the way — I agree with that. And it’s the Citizens to Protect Berlin Pond who are playing politics. Isn’t Rep. Kitzmiller the owner of Onion River Sports? This store doesn’t sell fishing or waterfowl hunting equipment, but it does sell bicycles. Sounds like a group of folks who are against traditional outdoor pursuits like fishing and hunting and seek to ban them in favor of more “politically correct” activities.

    Finally, I can read a map. I know that Berlin Pond is entirely within the town of Berlin. To think that one municipality can co-opt another municipality’s resources for their own gain without repercussions is ludicrous. Perhaps the city should’ve found another place to get its water from all those years ago?

    Vermont Fish and Wildlife, Berlin residents and others have been fighting for decades to gain access to Berlin Pond. The current regulations are a win for all parties. They will preserve the wild character of the area and still allow for certain low-impact recreational opportunities that will not alter the water quality for Montpelier residents.

    Dan Williams

    Concord, New Hampshire

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