• Two heroes among many
    August 19,2014

    Two heroes among many

    With so much concentration on bad news these days I thought I would share some inspirational news with the people of Barre. I had the occasion to attend the service for Marion Milne on Friday. The Times Argus did a great job honoring her passing, but hearing her family talk about her brought it home to me. She truly was one of the area’s gifts who made such a tremendous impact. Her dedication to her community was absolutely outstanding. It was a fabulous tribute to a lady who had a very impactful life.

    That same evening I attended the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the People’s Health and Wellness Clinic, the organization that has served many people from this area who have little or no health insurance. Its office is located on North Main Street.

    It was inspirational to hear Kitty Langlois, a longtime board member, speak with passion about her husband’s heart attack and their lack of insurance coverage that led her to fight for the establishment of a clinic that could help serve those needs.

    So what is the point? Both events left me feeling very blessed to be part of this community that is surrounded by people who are so compassionate and caring for their neighbors who are less fortunate or who have difficulty advocating for themselves.

    Marion impacted many people. Hopefully it did not take her untimely death for people to realize what a gift she was to the area. Mark Yorra, a longtime local physician and longtime member of the PHW clinic, spoke at length of the involvement of staff and volunteers who have helped the cause. In his truly humble way he neglected to talk about himself and the impact he has had providing health care to those in need. He and a few others have been there since day one trying to put a dent in an issue that continues to be one of our country’s most difficult issues, health care for all.

    Marion’s favorite saying was from Eleanor Roosevelt: A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water. She certainly walked the walk. I came home Friday night feeling thankful that there are people like Marion and Mark who don’t mind pushing the envelope and having a little tea. I thank them and the countless others who strive to help make this community a special place to be. Nice job.

    J. Guy Isabelle


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