• Letter: Tickets, please
    August 13,2014

    There is a dangerous public safety issue due to illegal parking in Montpelier. Today I was traveling on Barre Street going in the direction to Granite Street in the afternoon. All of a sudden I encountered a vehicle approaching head on to the front of my vehicle. This could have been a head-on collision if I hadnít reacted quickly and luckily there was no oncoming vehicle coming in the opposite direction where I had to swerve to. This vehicle was parked on the right hand side of the road but facing in the opposite direction that most of the other cars were parked in. This is referred to as ďcurb leftĒ as the driverís side is at the curb. Thus when a vehicle exits the parking space it must cross in front of oncoming traffic to get to the proper side of the street.

    This is a Vermont state motor vehicle law and a municipal ordinance as well. I see vehicles parked this way on other high-traffic streets, i.e. Hubbard, Elm, Loomis, Liberty and side streets, every day, endangering all of us. My question is, why, when law enforcement vehicles are patrolling right by these vehicles, why arenít they being ticketed? A ticket can be a very effective reminder that the driver is disobeying the laws of the road and need to correct their behavior for the safety of the public at large. The money retrieved from this illegal activity would be welcomed into the city funds.

    I see these illegally parked vehicles in the day and in the evening. Montpelier needs to pay attention to enforcement of parking in more ways than parking meter tickets. Isnít it time we educate drivers about this law?

    Angela Westman


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