• Welcome to Camp Albury
    August 11,2014

    With the realization that it is the second week of August and the days are already beginning to get shorter, I am disappointed I haven’t made more progress on my summer project “To Do” list.

    I think it might be time for another session of Camp Albury.

    The initial concept for Camp Albury came about several years ago when, coincidentally, I was also feeling overwhelmed with work to be done around the house. One day I overheard a friend, craving a much-needed break from her little ones, lament that she wished she had sent her kids to camp. There were still a few weeks before school started, and

    I came up with a solution that would meet both of our needs. I created an alternative activity camp, or, as the local media would unfairly label it, a “labor camp.” I’m happy to report that the injuries have all healed and litigation is settled from that failed business venture. So now, I am offering the “new and improved” Camp Albury.

    About Camp Albury

    Rustic Camp Albury is nestled in the cozy Green Mountains of central Vermont. The facility features indoor plumbing, a DVD player, and a backyard fire ring. Campers get plenty of fresh Vermont air as they spend their days outdoors and sleep under the stars in sleeping bags on the front lawn.

    The name Albury is a combination of the Native American words “al” meaning “you will,” and “bury” meaning “work like a dog to finish household projects thinly disguised as games and character-building activities.”

    Camp Albury Mission Statement

    The mission of Camp Albury is to partner with parents in providing a wholesome program that promotes growth and development of children. Long days of physically strenuous work teach youngsters to appreciate how good they have it at home. The rigorous schedule of activities also develops a child’s spiritual path as he/she learns to pray numerous times a day that the end of the week will come soon.

    Camp Albury is run by a dedicated staff of one. The Head Counselor and founder of the camp, Mark, or “Sir” for short, believes in the philosophy of fostering self-esteem in young campers. Mark also enjoys taking naps, so after being given instructions, campers will be encouraged to work quietly and independently.

    Camp Activities

    Hiking: Each morning campers will begin their day with a long walk tethered to the four-legged camp mascot. As part of the “cool down” at the conclusion of the hike, campers will take turns grooming the mascot and checking it for fleas.

    Wood Working: Campers will undertake building a deck off the main lodge where they will gain valuable experience using power tools. As part of this activity, the children will learn first aid techniques — from simple procedures like removing pressure treated wood splinters, to more advanced skills such as the proper application of a tourniquet. Campers are encouraged to bring power tools from home. Drills and table saws are especially helpful for this session.

    Rappelling: Imagine the thrill of being suspended mid-air with ropes, and floating to the ground from great heights. Using antique block and tackle that has been in the Albury family for several generations, the Head Counselor will raise several lucky campers to the peak of a willow tree on the property so that the chainsaw-wielding youngsters can hone their pruning skills.

    Arts and Crafts: Children will experience art appreciation by working on an oil-based mural painting project on the four sides of Camp Albury’s main lodge. After they prime and apply two coats of paint to the massive surfaces, your kids will experience the satisfaction of a job well done. Campers are encouraged to wear old clothes for this particular activity and bring their own extension ladders.

    Culinary Skills: Campers will perfect their cooking skills preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner for the Head Counselor. Children will learn meal planning as well as social skills as they hitchhike to the grocery store, purchase ingredients and prepare the four-course repast. (Parents are asked to provide their child with enough money for seven days’ worth of meals.)

    Nature Appreciation: After a brief lecture on how rain can make grass and weeds grow, campers will take turns operating the lawnmower, weed whacker, hedge trimmer and leaf blower as part of an interactive game of “Give the camp a haircut.”

    Remember our motto: “Camp Albury — where the kids always do plenty, because there is always plenty to do,” and consider registering your child today!

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