• Selective memory
    August 08,2014

    Selective memory

    Just a few comments on Rick Levy’s letter to the editor published in The Times Argus on Friday. He wrote reacting to a letter to the editor written by Gesualdo C. Schneider in a prior edition of the newspaper.

    Mr. Levy questions Mr. Schneider’s memory of some evils done in the name of God in the past. I am relatively certain that he does know about some of the things mentioned in his letter, the Crusades, and the Spanish Inquisition, which some who have a strong dislike for religion or God usually mention. When we judge people in the past with a modern lens we are in error. It is difficult to place ourselves in their shoes under a system of government much different from ours and make a fair call.

    Rather than go point by point, let me try to summarize: He points out some evils done in the name of God or religion, and that is true, but to be fair he should balance that with the good that has been done by people in the name of God or religions. The problem is not with religion or the truths taught by the church and Scripture, but let me give you one example. We see Jesus saying we should love our neighbor as ourselves. If some choose to ignore that teaching, that is not a defect on the part of God or religion but those who choose to ignore it.

    We should all seek the truth, and that God exists is an important one. If we seek some systematic worship of God we will join a religion. Make your best call, and good luck.

    Thomas Prindiville


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