• Liberty, not party
    August 07,2014

    Liberty, not party

    When Patrick Henry said, “Give me liberty or give me death,” he didn’t say give me Whigs or Tories because it wasn’t about a political party — it was about liberty from Britain. Liberty is freedom from arbitrary or despotic government.

    I am a Libertarian and I believe in limited government, personal responsibility, personal freedom and liberty. I have voted for Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians, and I make my decision based on issues. Currently in Vermont we are at a crossroads, we have high taxes, out-of-control spending and are on a collision course with single-payer. Shumlin is going to stay the course at all cost, Milne is indifferent. But there is a man with backbone willing to stand up to the issue, Dan Feliciano. Dan is the Libertarian candidate for governor, a candidate who stands by small government principles and has the knowledge and experience to take single-payer head on.

    In order for Dan to win, though, he needs more exposure and fundraising. Recently a group of frustrated Republicans have started to plan a write-in campaign to get Dan on the ballot as the Republican candidate as well. With that will come the additional support he needs and the ability to take on Shumlin in a two-person race with clear differences on the major issues. This is a perfect storm and an alliance that can save the state from an inevitable disaster.

    In times of war and times of peace you need to align with individuals you have similarities with for the common good; this is one of those times. Anyone who wants to execute change in this state needs to throw their support behind Dan Feliciano. More than ever we need someone in Montpelier with a limited government ideology, because this race is about liberty, not party.

    Travis Spencer


    The writer is the Milton town chairman of the Libertarian Party.

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