• Running for state’s attorney
    August 06,2014

    Running for stateís attorney

    My name is Scott Williams and as many of you know, I am a Vermont native living in Berlin with my wife and two children. As a member of this community, I am deeply committed to improving life in Washington County. †With the encouragement of my family and local leaders, I am happy to announce my campaign for Stateís Attorney. With your help, we will bring needed ideas and leadership that will improve the office, and craft a better future for our community. Washington County needs a Stateís Attorney who is smarter on crime, a defender of victimsí rights, and a leader in representing our values.

    We have all seen the way the State Attorneyís Office has worked and can work. With the dramatic rise in substance-abuse related crime, including daytime burglary and vehicle break-ins, Washington County needs a Stateís Attorney with the vision and will to implement effective crime-reduction strategies. We can effectively reduce crime and recidivism in this great community by utilizing proven approaches to rehabilitation, working closely with the Department of Corrections, and community-based restorative justice programs.

    Letís be smart in our response to crime. †

    Right now, victims have a need to be better heard and protected.†We can make sure that victimsí voices are heard and considered in the prosecutionís equation. This not only includes victims of violent crimes, but also merchants and other non-violent crime victims. We should not have to live in fear in our own homes. A prompt and aggressive response to cases involving victims should be a high priority.

    Letís better protect victimís rights by empowering them through the system.

    Washington County needs strong and active leadership in the Stateís Attorneyís Office.†I have demonstrated my ability to lead others while serving as a petty officer in the United States Navy for eight years and managing a law firm for the past seven years.†Moreover, I have proven advocacy skills having been a trial attorney in our community for 11 years and being named a top-100 trial lawyer this year by the National Trial Lawyers Association. Thus, I have the skill set to lead and advocate Washington Countyís values at the legislative and executive levels.

    Letís show Vermont what Washington County stands for when it comes to criminal justice.

    I am eager to hear your ideas about how the Stateís Attorney can be more effective in leading and protecting you and our community. To learn more about this campaign, please visit: www.facebook.com/ScottWilliamsForWashingtonCounty or http://democracy.com/scott-williams. Please feel free to reach me on Twitter @scottwstateatty. Please share your ideas, questions, and concerns at†WilliamsCampaign2014@gmail.com.

    As a father and active member of this community, I am deeply committed to seeing Washington County do better because it deserves better. To accomplish these goals, we need your help. This November, letís work together for a better Washington County. Please vote for Scott Williams for Washington County Stateís Attorney.

    Scott Williams


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