• Montpelier police log: Bow and arrow at school cause alarm
    August 06,2014

    The following is a sampling of calls to Montpelier police in recent days.

    July 28

    On Berlin Street, a man reportedly entered a business with a firearm in his back pocket.

    On Barre Street, a landlord-tenant dispute was reported.

    People trying to sell some item or service on Summit Street asked to enter a residence, offering a small gift basket.

    Someone found a regulated drug on Main Street.

    A parking boot was applied to a vehicle on Prospect Street that had four or more unpaid parking tickets.

    On Poolside Drive, someone was camping, and police asked them to leave.

    July 29

    Police issued several warnings for speeding on Northfield Street.

    Someone lost personal documents and cash on Main Street.

    Suspicious neighbor behavior was reported on Summer Street.

    July 30

    The same person was parked daily on Murray Road.

    A male was walking on Main Street, dressed in black.

    A motorist who passed a vehicle at the Langdon and Main streets intersection was warned.

    A man with a bow and arrow was reported at Montpelier High School.

    July 31

    A door was open on a car on Barre Street, but nothing was reported taken.

    A male was harassing his girlfriend on Elm Street, resulting in an argument.

    Two brothers were having a dispute about a dirt bike on Elm Street.

    Police were called to Baldwin Street to speak to a child about his or her behavior.

    Someone was arrested for retail theft and violation of the open container ordinance in connection with a shoplifting incident on State Street.

    A mountain bike was stolen on Main Street.

    A car was vandalized on Pitkin Court.

    A male got off the bus intoxicated on State Street.

    A truck was on fire on Towne Hill Road at the England Farm.

    Aug. 1

    A large group of juveniles was causing a disturbance in the roadway on Pinewood Road.

    Several warnings were issued for speeding on Northfield Street.

    Several drivers were ticketed for speeding on State Street.

    Some females were causing a disturbance in the Washington County Sheriff’s Department parking lot over a family member being arrested.

    Aug. 2

    On School Street, the door to an ATM was left open, but it was secure when police arrived.

    On Barre Street, a bicycle was stolen from the front lawn of a residence.

    A dog jumped out of a car window on Main Street and was loose in the area.

    Items were stolen from a purse behind the counter at a business on Main Street.

    Someone complained about construction noise in the East State Street area.

    Aug. 3

    Police issued several warnings for speeding on Northfield Street.

    A man was walking on the interstate and picking up returnable bottles between exits 7 and 8.

    A noise complaint was made on Barre Street, and police found it to be a faulty fire alarm activation.

    Kids were having a party and being loud in the field near the Waldorf School.

    Someone complained about construction noise in the evening on Colonial Drive.

    Multiple warnings were issued on Northfield Street, River Street and Granite Street for motor vehicle violations.

    A case of water was stolen off the back loading dock at Shaw’s.

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