• The way it works in Northfield
    August 05,2014

    The way it works in Northfield

    Thanks to The Times Argus for the timely article on National Night Out taking place in Northfield today with a community photo planned for 7 p.m. on Depot Square.

    Having said that, I have to protest the linking of two separate bits of information I provided to reporter Eric Blaisdell producing one statement that is simply not true.

    The article reports that I said that the proposed construction of a new medical office building at the base of the Norwich ski area “will likely require an extension of water and sewer lines, pieces that were controlled solely by the village but are now part of the town.”

    Since the location of the proposed medical office building has been served by the village (now town) water and sewer systems for as long as I can remember (60-plus years), there is no way on earth I would have made that statement.

    I mentioned the proposed medical office building in a news release I sent to Eric as evidence of a newsworthy event in Northfield (in addition to merger of the town and village and reconstruction of our downtown Depot Square area).

    And, in response to a question he asked me over the telephone about the benefits of merger, I did say that merger will make it simpler to coordinate the extension of municipal water and sewer lines in order to accommodate development.

    But there is no linkage between these two separate facts because the utilities already serve the proposed location of the medical office building.

    Except for crediting me with this error, I thought the article was timely, perceptive and well-written. I hope The Times Argus continues to regard Northfield as sufficiently important to warrant coverage.

    But, crediting me with linking the medical office building and sewer and water extension risks my being judged by my fellow townspeople as having already passed into my dotage despite having spent only 73 years as a Northfield resident.

    That day may come soon enough. Please don’t rush it.

    Brad Denny


    The writer is a member of the Northfield Select Board.

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