• Consider all before voting
    August 02,2014

    Consider all before voting

    I applaud Selene Clark, a 21-year-old, for acknowledging the importance of being informed before voting. I wish more valued their right to vote. I interpreted her comments as those from one who likely takes her lead and forms her beliefs from a biased, liberal media that distorts the truth and purposely misleads many to advance their progressive agenda. This ďwar on womenís health careĒ is being waged by liberals, when thereís so much more for which to be concerned.

    First, unlike Ms. Clark, Iím not sure why the U.S. Supreme Court decision to remove a 35-foot buffer zone in front of a reproductive care facility should trump our freedom of speech. Protesters can protest just about anywhere, period (remember Occupy Wall Street? ó no buffer zones there as I recall).

    Second, the court ruled in favor of private companies (Hobby Lobby specifically) to opt out of offering contraception coverage based on religious beliefs. The fact is Hobby Lobby rejected offering four forms of contraception of the 20 included in Obamacare, as the owners believe these four contraceptives could cause abortions, in conflict with their religious beliefs. Employees who have issue with this can quit or get these forms of birth control elsewhere. Where is the tolerance of someoneís sincere religious beliefs? Is this decision really the end of the world?

    I again applaud Ms. Clarkís passion for being informed before voting, and I highly recommend she broaden her media forums so she can be even better informed. In the meantime, women have their birth control, can have abortions and have safe access to health care. No offense, but the world is blowing up in front of our eyes, there is so much more to be concerned with and terrified about. Forget about this imagined war on womenís health care.

    R.L. Averill


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