• Writer doesn’t like headlines
    August 01,2014

    Writer doesn’t like headlines

    Who writes the headlins for the articles in The Times Argus, and who approves them? More thought/care needs to be given. They are a very important part of a successful newspaper. They sway people’s attitudes before they even read the articles. The case in point (which has caused me to take pen in hand, so to speak) is from the July 20 front page.

    “Think twice: Running a B&B isn’t for everyone.” How about borrowing from Klopfstein’s remarks, “If you are going to buy an inn, Vermont is the place?” What a positive spin. It invites people to continue reading the article, which was actually well written. The article gets the point across that people should go to a seminar for prospective inn buyers.

    Being a B&B owner/host is such a personally rewarding business. One has the opportunity to live in a beautiful property and provide a service to weary travelers, some are going to class reunions or family reunions, and some are simply passing through. Others are grieving — here due to a death in the family. At a typical small B&B nearly every guest says, “Oh, this reminds me of my grandmother’s house,” and, with a smile, the reply comes, “That’s because almost everything was my grandmother’s.”

    We just closed our B&B business the end of last December (after 14 years) because we are into our 70s, I don’t hear well (even with hearing aids), and, with all the guest rooms upstairs we want to downsize before we have to. We had hoped to sell as a business, because our town needs places to stay, however, we have changed the advertising, just as the article indicates, back to a private home in order to attract a buyer.

    Anyway, to get back to the original point, a positively worded headline attracts readers (and potential buyers).

    Evelyn Sweetser


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