• Family grateful for accident help
    August 01,2014

    Family grateful for accident help

    We want to express our gratitude to a dedicated group of first responders of the Granville Fire Department who came to the scene of our daughter’s bike accident on Route 100 South last Thursday. She had been descending the gulf when she hit a pothole that was deeper than she had judged, and although she was riding cautiously, was thrown off her bike. The first responders were professional, thorough and reassuring as they stabilized her, and took special precaution to protect her head, which had hit the road. She was later diagnosed at Central Vermont Medical Center with a broken collarbone and severe road rash, and we are grateful that her injuries did not include a head injury. (She was wearing a helmet, which cracked, but saved her from possible severe head injury.) The manner in which the responders carried out their duties was admirable and comforting to all of us during the ordeal.

    The same gratitude goes to the many people who stopped to help and to the White River Valley Ambulance crew, which kept our daughter stabilized during the trip to the emergency room.

    Our daughter, who grew up in Vermont and now lives in Brooklyn, New York, was reminded of the Vermont spirit of helping one’s neighbor that makes this state such a special place to live.

    Linda Prescott

    Michael Katzenberg

    Chelsea Katzenberg


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