• History’s telling example
    July 31,2014

    History’s telling example

    Erik Esselstyn’s letter managed to both promote the popular revisionist history of the Palestinians, and soil Israel’s modern moral climate in verbose volume.

    For example, there was Hamas’ “lethal but futile rockets.” They managed to kill a human being, crippling the hearts of his loved ones. 35 Israeli soldiers are dead as of this writing, and droves of Israelis have been forced from their homes.

    Indeed, let us blame the leaders of Israel, Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas.

    But the answer sounds of legend, and fiction beyond H.G. Wells’ imagination.

    Upon the Red Sea last March 4, the Israeli navy confiscated state of the art missiles from Iran and destined for Gazan terrorists. Had these missiles reached port perhaps hundreds of Israeli civilians would be dead.

    As for the West Bank wall so humanely wrong for partitioning Palestine from, consider these numbers: between 2000 and July 2003 with the wall only partially completed, 73 Palestinian suicide bombings took place killing 293 Israelis. Nearer completion, from August 2003 through 2006, “only” 12 attacks killed 84 Israelis with 445 wounded.

    History books have left out the Jewish Exodus from Moslem lands in 1948 sans bank accounts. Their homes for centuries gone.

    Esselstyn stated America’s billions of dollars annually for Israeli aid went solely to military aid. Perhaps if all the Moslem nations dedicated to the destruction of Israel, these monies would not be required.

    There are 1,369,532 active troops in the U.S. army, compared to 176,500 active Israeli troops. If the Americans went into an unfriendly Afghan or Gazan town,where Moslem terrorists shield themselves inside schools, mosques, hospitals and civilian homes, what would be our reaction to 280 American soldiers killed?

    Israel is on the cutting edge of agricultural and computer progress. Defensively, it was Israeli scientists who invented “The Iron Dome.”

    Egypt receives 1.3 billion in U.S. aid. Their government should halt the tunnels into Gaza.

    Esselstyn stated that “reviled second class citizens (Palestinians) occupied lands their ancestors farmed for two thousand years.” Not true.

    Throughout the thousands of years making up the Old Testament, Palestine was known as “Eretz Israel,” Hebrew for “the land of Israel.” Palestina was a Latin term created by Israel’s Roman conquerors to rid any Jewish identity to the land thousands of years later.

    Peter Fernandez


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