• Thanks for the help
    July 31,2014

    Thanks for the help

    The town of Plainfield is pleased to report that the $75,000 fund drive to help pay for the restoration and re-opening of Plainfield’s historic Town Hall Opera House has been completed. As a result of this effort, the building is now open and additional work needed to complete improvements to the building is now underway.

    There are many people to thank for this successful campaign, which was launched eighteen months ago by members of the Town Hall Opera House Revitalization Committee, under the direction of Andy Robinson. Donations were received from more than 220 households and a dozen local businesses. In addition, the Preservation Trust of Vermont, the Vermont Community Foundation, the estate of the late John Wires, the Niebling Family Fund, Washington Electric Cooperative Inc., the Plainfield Historical Society, Efficiency Vermont, and the National Life Group Foundation all made generous contributions.

    As a “thank you” to the donors and the volunteers who made this fund drive a success, the Town is hosting an “Open House at the Opera House” on Sunday, Aug. 3 from 3 to 7 p.m. Friends and supporters of the Plainfield Town Hall Opera House are welcome to attend. Donors and volunteers are invited to join in a group photo in front of the building at 3:45 p.m.

    In addition to enjoying food and refreshments, guests can meet the new event managers for the space (who will host a brief information meeting), hear about and inspect the work that has been done so far, and learn about the work that lies ahead. The celebration will conclude with a performance by “Mostly Hank,” a local country music band.

    A special thanks to The Times Argus for the news stories it has carried about Plainfield’s efforts to restore the Town Hall and to improve pedestrian safety on US Route 2.

    David Strong

    Alice Merrill


    The writers are members of the Plainfield Select Board.

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