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    July 29,2014

    Support BYSA

    Football is lighting up America again. The NFL pre-season camps are open. Our own local semiproRavens have played one game. Soon Spaulding Football will begin a season under the lights.

    We hope again Spaulding will produce a competitive team/season as the last six have left muchto be desired.

    One component that I believe could improve Spaulding football is the BYSA Football program.

    Especially the performance of the 7-8 grade team. Obviously kids who learn football skills atthose ages are likely to move faster through the high school systems than those that have notplayed before.

    I have officiated youth football in central and northern Vermont for the last three years and myobservation is that the HS teams that are highly competitive have strong youth teams in theirarea. This is especially true in terms of the size of the team rosters.

    Barre Youth Football has had marginal numbers or rosters in past years which I think doessomewhat impact the Spaulding program. Thus my reason for raising this subject is that theBYSA team will start their practices on Aug. 11 and there is still time for players to sign up.

    For information about the program, parents can contact Heather West, the 2014 BYSA president at 461-6400 or by email at wildwest6@myfairpoint.net. Players can live anywhere inthe Spaulding School District plus Williamstown, Northfield, Montpelier and Berlin.

    Certainly, the Friday Night Football theme will produce a bit of an adrenalin rush for theSpaulding program but the real key I believe is to start growing the skill players before theyenter the high school programs. One way or another let’s support these teams this year as both theyand their coaching staffs begin the hard work of preparing for what we hope is a winningseason.

    Rick Theken

    Barre Town

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