• Stay out of the fight
    July 22,2014

    Stay out of the fight

    Since 1947, Israel and the neighboring Arab nations have been in a constant state of war. Right or wrong, Israeli national security has been mixed in and used to justify its land grab from the Palestinians. The killing has reverted to an eye-for-an-eye conflict of attack and retaliation that has been killing people on both sides for 67 years. Fathers in three generations have seen their children killed along with the loss of tens of billions of dollars in building, defending and destroying the infrastructure on both sides. Mostly because of the very large population of rich and powerful Jews in the United States, we, as a nation, have backed the Israeli side in this conflict — even when Israel was clearly the instigator or antagonist.

    Our support has married the U.S. with Israel in the eyes of the entire Muslim world. The United States is often blamed for the actions of Israel because we fund it and passively condone its actions. Israelis and Palestinians show no signs of ending their killing of each other, and our political condemnation or peaceful conciliation has never brought a lasting cease-fire. We should stop trying and end our support. Our weak political efforts, money and military support is keeping the United States at odds with fully one quarter of the entire global population.

    Someday, hopefully, the Israelis and the Palestinians will decide that they have killed enough of their children and grandchildren and they will agree on a two-state solution (the only possible outcome — a solution that was first proposed 63 years ago). Until that day, it is their choice to fight, and we should let them.

    Tom Watkins


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