• Had enough
    July 17,2014

    Had enough

    I am fed up with rude bicyclists. The other day a middle-aged, Spandex-wearing man came flying up Main Street into the roundabout in Montpelier, cutting right in front of me almost broadsiding my car. I had to swerve to miss him. I had the right of way. When I beeped at him he started with the expletives as if I was in the wrong.

    Bicyclists are required to follow the rules of the road. No passing on the right, weaving in and out of traffic, no flying through stop signs and red lights and disregarding yield signs, etc. I see this all the time. Evidentially some of you out there have never been hit by a car. I had one person fly in front of my car early one morning in the dark on Main Street, out of nowhere — flying across the street a couple of feet in front of my car; shocked the heck out of me!

    When I was a kid you had to register your bike, and you had to follow the rules of the road — this should be happening now. If they want to share the road, fine, but they need to have their bicycles registered, help pay for the privilege of using the roads as other vehicles have to, and should carry insurance in case they cause damage to another vehicle. I had a mad bicyclist who was weaving in and out of traffic, passing on the right being totally idiotic, and when I said something he slammed his bike into my car, scratching the paint, and yelling obscenities through my open car window in my face.

    Enough is enough: Time for licenses and insurance for bikes. If they want the privilege of riding the roads they need to be respectful of others, as they seem to expect other vehicles to be of them. Share the roads, yes, then you also share the responsibility of being a careful driver and follow the rules. And should have to carry insurance to cover the cost of damage they may do to other people’s vehicles and have their bikes registered.

    B. Kynoch


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