• Liberal blame game
    July 12,2014

    Liberal blame game

    I am completely outraged and in disbelief at our countryís state of affairs. The July 8 Times Argus editorial, ďThe struggle to come,Ē suggests Obama hasnít been as transformative as promised because heís spent his years in office cleaning up the Bush wreckage and crippled by Republican opposition. I donít get it. The Democrats controlled the Senate and House the first two years, and Obama used, and threatens continue use of, pen and phone to issue executive orders to avoid Congress. Bush wreckage, ya right. The simple truth is Obama is incompetent, or naÔve, and the liberals have to blame somebody for his policy failures and lack of experience to lead our great country. How much more damage can this guy do?

    Really, blame Bush for six years of Obama? The economy is booming, donít you think? There has been a 2.9 percent decrease in GDP. Median income has decreased about $3,500. Thirteen million more is spent on food stamps, its spending doubled. Unemployment has reduced, yet the worker participation rate is at 63 percent. Millions of dollars for green energy and the companies went bankrupt. $17 trillion in debt and counting. Increased gas and food prices. Foreign policy is a disaster. God help us we donít have another terrorist attack. Now the immigration crisis on our southern borders that Obama is ignoring and wonít allow the media to cover. Obamacare is a real doozy. Donít get me going on climate change and income inequality. Obama has done a splendid job transforming our country alright, and itís going to take decades to recover.

    Thereís a revolution brewing and Americans will not stand for this lack of leadership, corruption and lawlessness much longer. The liberals definitely have a real struggle ahead.

    R.L. Averill


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