• Logging truck, car collide; nearby RVs trashed
     | July 10,2014

    EAST MONTPELIER — Rescue crews responded Wednesday evening to a dramatic accident in which a logging truck hit a car and smashed into several campers on Route 2 in East Montpelier. The accident caused several hundred thousand dollars in damage at Vermont Country Campers.

    Crews responded to the scene shortly after 6 p.m. East Montpelier Fire Chief Ty Rolland said a man driving a white Cadillac cut in front of the logging truck and the truck hit the car. The truck then dragged the car into several campers.

    Rolland said the driver of the car had been transported to Central Vermont Medical Center in Berlin, but was unable to comment on the medical status of the truck driver or the truck driver, who was not transported. Signage on the side of the truck indicated that it belonged to Boivin’s Transport of Milan, N.H.

    The entire right side of the Cadillac was demolished and sitting underneath the trailer of the truck, which drove down into a ditch off of Route 2 and into the campers. Anyone sitting in the car’s passenger seat would have been crushed.

    Doug Duke, sales manager at the RV dealership, said he was locking up the campers for the night right in the area where the truck went off the road. Had he been there a few seconds later, he said, he would have been hit by the truck as it smashed into the campers.

    He said he heard the truck’s brakes lock up and then a series of banging sounds as the truck hit the campers.

    Duke said six of the dealership’s campers were damaged in the crash, along with one camper belonging to a customer. He estimated the damage to the campers at between $400,000 to $500,000. He said each of the dealership’s campers weighed around 12,000 pounds and all of them had been pushed several feet in the accident.

    Duke said the driver of the Cadillac appeared to be in his late 30s to early 40s and didn’t have much blood on him. He said the airbags in the car apparently did not deploy and the driver wasn’t wearing his seat belt.

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