• VTC is looking good
    July 01,2014

    VTC is looking good

    I read the recent op-ed concerning Vermont Technical College, written by architecture professor Scott Sabol. I just wanted to say that as a student and as an active member of the campus community, I was very impressed with what the professor had to say about VTC.

    I, for one, am very attached to the school, and I love it there. It shows what we (students and professors alike) can do to impact Vermont and the world — from a simple parklet in downtown Montpelier, to placing among the top ranks of national building engineering competitions. I have attended VTC for only two years, and it barely took that long for me to make friends and get such an incredible feel for the drive that people my age have to get things done and enhance their lives in such profound ways. To many, it’s just another college in a small Vermont town. To me, it is quite literally a second home.

    Within my two years at Vermont Tech, I have learned a great deal in my field of study (electrical engineering), learned the ins and outs of our on-campus radio station, WVTC (at 90.7 FM and live stream at wvtc.net), gotten involved as tech director of the student events board, and recently was elected president of VTC Student Council. I have seen things students have done at VTC that will certainly set precedents for years to come. This past 2013-2014 school year saw the creation of the Campus Life Committee, or CLC, for short. This committee is run entirely by students, as a subgroup of student council, and works directly with school administrators to change and improve aspects of student life on campus.

    To me, there’s no better way to do so — the students live here, so it only makes sense that they should influence what happens here. If students want to get involved with VTC’s many extracurricular fields, they need not look very far — chances are, you already know at least one student who’s a club member, president or a part of student council. I have worked with an incredibly thoughtful and motivated group of fellow students, and I expect the future holds great things for us and for Vermont Tech.

    Patrick Schlott


    The writer is president of VTC Student Council.

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