• Pity the employers
    June 10,2014

    Pity the employers

    I was reading some of the changes in workers’ compensation, as well as the responsibility that falls onto employers in a previous article. It should be a no-brainer as to why people are hiring less. The employer is responsible for just about everything an employee does. More and more small business owners I hear talking about doing away with employees altogether because it is simply not worth it.

    You hear all kinds of talk about putting more people back to work. However, the only action that you can see is more and more rules being imposed on small businesses — a lot of time causing people to not hire employees at all. We should be relaxing the rules so that more people can afford to hire people. Employers are responsible for the health and income of their employees.

    I agree that places like Wal-Mart, and other places where people are spending money that ultimately takes more money out of the state than it brings in, should pay a pretty penny to hire Vermont workers. People from Vermont are hard, smart workers, even if they may seem like idiots sometimes.

    However, people who work hard to run small businesses that keep dollars inside Vermont, or bring them in from outside, should have these insurances covered by the state. If people have business models that keep dollars in Vermont, they should be able to get everything they need to do so, including employees.

    I wonder if government wants people to be poor and secretly does not want people to succeed. It’s easier to control people who are poor, because their crisis situations only run a couple of hundred bucks.

    John Anderson


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