• Fix child protection
    June 09,2014

    Fix child protection

    In reading the article “New child custody rules signed into law,” I question the wisdom of this venture. If by locking up adults the state has created 1,600 kids with no parents, corrections officials and the courts need to rethink their agenda.

    Putting these children with relatives is not an answer. These relatives may be just as bad or worse than the biological parents, and this may open the door to more child abuse. Cindy Walcott,deputy commissioner of the Department for Children and Families, said the new law “provides families with a set of tools that they can use to take care of their own family members.” This simplistic thinking glosses over the issue of dysfunctional family systems. How does she think the criminals became criminals to begin with? They came from these same families that Ms. Walcott wants to use for placements.

    The old guardianship laws are not the problem with DCF. Ms. Walcott needs to focus her energy on the current morass at DCF, where children are dying. The department is not doing its job. It is screening out too many child abuse reports and neglecting its responsibilities to the children. A DCF worker went to Maine and molested a girl, and another one saw bruises on a child who later died. What kind of social work is this?

    Tom King


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