• Coffee truck overturns on Route 7
     | May 08,2014

    A tractor-trailer carrying Green Mountain Coffee Roasters products lies on its side in Pittsford on Wednesday after flipping over, closing Route 7.

    PITTSFORD — A tractor-trailer carrying 17,000 pounds of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters K-Cups flipped on its side early Wednesday, sending the driver to the hospital and forcing Route 7 traffic to be redirected.

    The driver, Wilbert Garner, 44, of Texas, started his routine drive from Essex to Tennessee and made his way through Pittsford around 7:40 a.m. Garner admitted he drove too fast around the sharp turn in the center of town and flipped the truck, tearing up the front yard of the library as a result.

    “He was simply driving too fast,” Pittsford Police Chief Joseph Warfle said. He didn’t believe that drugs or alcohol was involved in the crash but said that federal guidelines required blood-alcohol and substance screening.

    Police said they also ruled out the possibility the cargo shifted as the truck made the severe turn, causing the weight to be unevenly distributed and making the truck more prone to tipping.

    “That just wasn’t possible,” Warfle said. “The coffee was just packed too tight for any movement.”

    Garner, who was wearing his seat belt, received minor cuts and bruises after breaking the driver’s side window and climbing out of the truck, police said. He was taken to Rutland Regional Medical Center, where he was treated and released shortly after, according to a hospital spokesperson.

    Gabrielle Welch was on her way to Otter Valley Union High School on Route 7 when she saw the truck “drive the corner too fast” and roll onto its side.

    Linda Rosato works at a market in the center of town and called 911 after the truck rolled over.

    Rosato said she didn’t see the crash, but hearing it was enough.

    “I heard this awful boom,” Rosato said. “I turned around, and there it was, sitting on its side across the street.” The incident left Rosato a little shaken, but she said she was grateful no one else was injured and that the driver would be all right.

    The Pittsford Fire Department crew worked to get the truck upright so it could then be towed from the scene.

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