• What is the real agenda?
    April 24,2014

    What is the real agenda?

    I’m writing a letter in response to the article “Lawmakers balk at medical marijuana for PTSD.” It is astounding to me that the committee which was set to vote in favor of adding PTSD to the medical marijuana laws 7-4 until one man, Keith Flynn, stepped in to personally deny our most vulnerable and brave citizens a medication which is easily attainable in other states that allow medical marijuana.

    One has to wonder what Flynn’s agenda is. As a person who owns the title of public safety commissioner he doesn’t seem to be working in the public’s interest, and he most certainly doesn’t seem to be working in the interests of democracy.

    One man should not have the capacity to deny medicine to soldiers who fight a daily battle with depression, anger, hypervigilance and all the other crippling symptoms of PTSD. Let’s guess who is going to be in charge of the “further study.” Cha-ching.

    The actions by Flynn and the committee members who are so easily swayed by his “take his ball and go home” politics should be ashamed. These folks need to live one day in the life of a soldier who suffers from PTSD and then they’d probably realize how cruel and capricious their actions are.

    Ann Pugh wants to take “baby steps” while soldiers who fought for our country live with PTSD? Shameful.

    Joe Hanson

    South Burlington

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