• One way to take action
    April 22,2014

    One way to take action

    Excellent article by Robin Chesnut-Tangerman on the urgency of climate change. We don’t have enough time to fight it “one person at a time.” Moreover, the efforts of each individual person are tiny compared with the magnitude of the problem. What we need is a policy solution from Washington. He makes a fine point when he says that it may seem like Washington politics are rigged, but nonetheless there are plenty of variables that can help us win the battle for climate change legislation. The biggest, most important variable is us, we, the people.

    This is the principle behind Citizens’ Climate Lobby, an organization of volunteers lobbying Congress for a carbon fee to be paid by fossil fuel producers and to be rebated to the public. CCL aims to have chapters in every congressional district in the U.S. so that every representative will hear from his/her constituents how much we want climate change legislation.

    Readers should please join our chapter in Burlington. Readers should also encourage friends and relatives in “red” states to join CCL chapters in their states because legislation will only be passed if it has bipartisan support.

    Judy Weiss

    Brookline, Mass.

    The writer is a member of the Boston chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

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