• Thanking constituents
    April 16,2014

    Thanking constituents

    I write this to all of my fellow citizens and neighbors in Barre. It has been a wonderful experience and a great honor to be your representative in the Legislature. I am so very grateful to Barre voters for allowing me to hear your concerns and sending me to Montpelier three times to give voice to our community needs.

    We’ve been through a lot together: floods, fires, downtown reconstruction, new buildings, new workers and new business, while always looking for the best ways to balance the needs of all community members. We have made improvements, and Barre is well on its way to a positive, modern identity that blends our particular strengths with our boundless resiliency.

    All along the way, I have been a champion of health care access for all Vermonters that can be simple and affordable. Many of you voted for me because of this very issue. When I was recently offered this unique opportunity to lead a brand new organization that will keep its focus on this one issue, moving Vermont to a new, universal health care system, I knew that I was ready to take it on, for all of us. That is why I’ve decided to become the executive director of Vermont’s Coalition for Universal Reform, also known as VT CURE.

    I will miss serving Barre as I have, but I certainly plan to be involved in many of our new city projects. You will see me around town, as always. If you’d like to know more about VT CURE, or have questions for me, you can always contact me at tess@thevtcure.org.

    I’d also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Tommy Walz for his recent appointment by the governor to represent Barre. Tommy has served Barre well during his career at Spaulding High School, and is also very community-minded with school board and service club involvement. I wish him well. Thank you, Barre.

    Tess Taylor


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