• Montpelier Police Log: Person locked inside church
    April 15,2014

    The following is a sampling of calls to Montpelier police in recent days.

    April 7

    Multiple vehicles were vandalized in the city with their side mirrors destroyed.

    Unlocked vehicles were gone through on Winter Street.

    Parked vehicles on Court Street were vandalized.

    A GPS unit was taken from an unlocked auto on Terrace Street.

    On St. Paul Street, a suspicious person was walking around in underwear.

    A suspicious male was video recording inside businesses on Main Street.

    April 8

    A male was going through garbage cans and recycling bins on Berlin Street.

    An aggressive dog was on the bike path.

    A vehicle was gone through on Marvin Street, but nothing was taken.

    On Derby Drive, a manhole cover had been displaced.

    A male was saying inappropriate things to a juvenile somewhere in the city.

    April 9

    A dog was loose on East State Street.

    A motorcycle license plate was reported missing.

    Juveniles were hanging over the top edge of the parking garage at City Center.

    April 10

    There were dog complaints on Ledgewood Terrace and Cross Street.

    A vehicle was pulled over for having an expired inspection sticker on Berlin Street.

    On Northfield Street, a black LG cellphone was found.

    April 11

    Several items were thrown into the roadway on Main Street.

    A beagle mix ran off on Franklin Street.

    On Elm Street, a male was looking into vehicles.

    A dog ran away from its owner on Berlin Street and was later found on River Street.

    A male was locked in a church somewhere in the city.

    April 12

    A dog was left in a vehicle without any ventilation on Main Street.

    On Towne Hill, a vehicle was operating erratically.

    A checkbook was returned to its owner.

    April 13

    Car keys were found on Charles Street and returned to their owner.

    Garbage and needles were found on the side of River Street.

    A dog was barking in a vehicle on Barre Street.

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