• Avoid harmful labels
    April 11,2014

    Avoid harmful labels

    I’m writing this letter because I feel that a recent article that appeared in your paper seemed harsh and quite one-sided.

    “Missing murderer returned to jail” published in the March 28 edition about Gordon Hunt focused on his unfortunate crime that occurred more than 30 years ago. What was left out of that article was that Mr. Hunt is also known as son, brother, uncle, father, grandfather, friend and co-worker.

    As the manager of the Barre Dunkin Donuts, I am aware that Gordon has been employed in a full-time capacity since his granted furlough in 2004 and has been with us since 2011. He has been a valued employee who has never had any attendance issues. He has always taken pride in his job and has worked well with everyone while being open and honest about his past crime conviction.

    I can honestly say that Gordon has frequently expressed remorse for his past crime. While at work, he put his best foot forward and did an excellent job as a shift leader and was always trying to lead by example. He consistently went above and beyond to give good customer service and was frequently mentioned in our guest satisfaction surveys.

    Labeling individuals only by their mistakes seems quite unfair and hurtful. There is a German proverb that says, “An old error is always more popular than a new truth.” I’m hopeful that The Times Argus will be more objective in the future and depict a more complete picture of an event like this. If we were all instantly labeled by only the mistakes we have made, what a sad society we would be living in.

    Colleen Malone

    East Barre

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