• Toxic chemical reform
    April 11,2014

    Toxic chemical reform

    I am a concerned student at UVM. I am concerned because unregulated chemicals on the market are the reason toxic chemicals are present in practically everything I see and touch. No matter the time and effort I put into eliminating these chemicals from my body, it is impossible to completely remove these cancer-causing elements from entering my life without comprehensive toxic reform.

    Though all toxic chemicals are of high concern, the chemicals used in flame retardants are especially dangerous, and the fact that they do not prevent the spread of fire makes the use of them utterly preposterous. My grandfather was the captain of the Pittsfield Fire Department in Pittsfield, Mass., for 35 years. He died at a young age of cancer, which is actually not an uncommon cause of death in firefighting these days because of the slew of toxic chemicals they are exposed to when they selflessly run into burning buildings to save lives.

    These deaths should not be occurring. For my grandpa and millions of others, there should be toxic chemical reform. I urge the House to follow the Senate’s lead in passing S.239, the Toxic Free Families Act, for it is absolutely necessary in protecting Vermonters from toxic chemicals.

    Caroline Villanova


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