• Need to hear the truth
    April 05,2014

    Need to hear the truth

    New York wants to be heard. Well, maybe they should listen to some of the bunk weíve been fed by Vermont Gas.

    The Ticonderoga town supervisor should know that Vermont Gas said it isnít going any further than the mill.

    Does Essex County and Ticonderoga know something we donít?

    To reach the mill, the company will laterally drill under Lake Champlain. This type of drilling could have what they refer to as a blowout. A blowout would disturb the sludge bed (that IP created with its polluting practices). Not worth the risk to our major source of drinking water.

    Grinnell noted over $1 million in wages and benefits paid to Vermonters working in the mill. According to the statistics 16 Vermonters work in the mill. That means on average the mill pays $62,500 to its employees. Really? Sign me up.

    Donna Wadsworth, an IP executive, clearly stated the mill will no longer burn No. 6 fuel oil, no matter what happens with phase two. And she said this pipeline is not the only choice for the mill. The mill is financially solid and will seek gas elsewhere if not from this flawed project.

    That is a direct contradiction to Mr. Grinnellís statement that ďextending the pipeline from Vermont is the only way the IP mill could access natural gas.Ē

    He goes on to say there are two sides to every story and he has difficulty with the honesty and the forthrightness of this.

    Well, welcome to our world, where we rarely hear the truth.

    Mary Martin


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