• Paper does not serve its readers
    April 04,2014

    Paper does not serve its readers

    “Stray hubcap noted” in a bold headline in the April 1 edition of The Times Argus. There must be something of more importance or of interest to your readers than this mindless drivel.

    So while I am at it, let’s vent. News articles are usually a day and sometimes two days late in appearing in the paper. Some local news stories do not even make the paper but are regularly broadcast on WDEV or WCAX. It appears that you depend mostly on outside sources for most of your news and do not have reporters out, or news feeders out and about, covering local events, meetings and items of interest.

    You must be aware that the Caledonian Record carries on a daily and weekly basis: local news from surrounding towns including select board meetings and town activities, local and district court proceedings including hearings and trials and sentencing information on local and area crime activities, detailed state and local police information that contains specific info on arrests, investigations and responses; not “A man was seen walking on the South Barre Road.”

    On a frequent basis the Caledonian has articles on local businesses that have recently opened, changed hands or expanded, with photos — not just a photo of the opening.

    Thunder Road and the related Northeast short tracks are the largest spectator sport in the area. And yet you do not, with any consistency, post the results. In fact, many times the NASCAR results are missing or days late. The Caledonian Record during the race season carries a full-page article each week on Northeast racing, news and results.

    For those of us who subscribe to rural delivery of The Times Argus, it seems unfair that we have to pay for a second subscription to view past articles online. As one person of importance at your paper told me, “We are a shrewd bunch.” I guess that means we are a screwed bunch. Over the years the service to delivery subscribers has also declined — reduced office and phone hours and not replacing papers that were not delivered.

    On Sundays, it seems that a majority of news items, obituaries, weddings, engagements and advertisements are from the Rutland area.

    You have no competition in the news print business in the central Vermont area, and I wonder if this allows you to have what appears to me a rather casual and disinterested attitude toward the goings on in central Vermont.

    Steve Joslin


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