• Right to know what’s in food
    April 03,2014

    Right to know what’s in food

    As the general manager of a natural foods cooperative with more than 7,000 owners, I want to express my support for House Bill 112, the GMO labeling legislation that is under consideration in our state Senate.

    Our customers have always taken food seriously, wanting to know the full story behind the products they purchase. Increasingly, they are seeking information about genetically modified ingredients in the food supply. Some are concerned about health impacts, many fear environmental contamination, and others want to avoid supporting corporate control of the food system. For all of these reasons, GMO labeling makes sense here as it does in more than 60 other countries where it is mandated.

    Hunger Mountain Cooperative believes everyone has the right to make informed food choices. For that reason, we support mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods. Given the nature of our food system, we believe that a national mandatory GMO labeling law is the optimal solution and should be our long-term goal. However, given the power of anti-labeling interests, state laws are needed to build momentum. House Bill 112 will be a critically important step in the growing movement toward a national GMO labeling law.

    I encourage everyone to contact their legislators and support them passing a strong GMO labeling bill that does not rely on the action (or inaction) of other states. We all have the right to know what we are eating. So let’s lead in passing House Bill 112.

    Kari Bradley

    General manager

    Hunger Mountain Cooperative


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