• Not the first to vanish
    April 01,2014

    Not the first to vanish

    We may never know what happened to the Malaysian Flight 370, but it dwarfs in comparison with the thousands of aircraft and shipping lost at sea in World War II. Nazi subs sank millions of tons of Allied shipping headed for England, and warships went to the bottom along with hundreds of aircraft. Some were lost at sea and never found. Personnel were “presumed dead” killed in action. Is there a perpetrator in the lost airliner case? Maybe there is, but unless they are alive and can talk, forget it. Whether it was terrorists that skyjacked the plane, pilot error, malfunction of the plane or if it was so-called pilot suicide, the truth will only come out if someone talks. Other similar cases have ended with probable but never definite results, guesswork by experts investigating them and an open case for years. Attempts at locating a plane that disappeared from radar after someone on board deliberately shut down all transponders and other devices made to track the plane are proving to be impossible.

    If it was the act of terrorists or pilot suicide, someone out there knows about it and will talk. That’s how cops catch most perps, and that’s how this case will be solved.

    Tom King


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