• Touching many lives
    March 29,2014

    Touching many lives

    In a month, this year’s Green Mountain United Way campaign will come to a close. I have had the honor of chairing this year’s fundraising effort and have seen firsthand the difference the Green Mountain United Way makes every day. GMUW is helping improve the lives of thousands of Vermonters across the five counties it serves.

    As Vermonters, we have so many things to be grateful for: our beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes and forests, our good schools, and the distinction of being one of the healthiest places to live in the United States. Perhaps our greatest source of pride is our strong sense of community. The work of GMUW is a great example of the Vermont community commitment. The organization is giving people hope, changing lives, and helping through its support of education, financial stability for families and health promotion.

    Just one example of the many lives that Green Mountain United Way touches every day is Abby, an 18-year-old who was pregnant and homeless. She and her husband moved into a crowded apartment with her family and struggled to make a plan for shelter, food and resources they would need to support their baby. Abby connected with the Teen Parent Healthy Families Initiative Program at the Washington County Youth Service Bureau, a grantee of Green Mountain United Way. With the support of that program, Abby participated in cooking and nutrition workshops, learned how to shop for healthy foods, and discovered the importance of exercising regularly. The program helped this young family find housing and prepare for the arrival of their baby. Today, thanks in part to the United Way, Abby continues to make healthy choices for herself and her family.

    This is only one of many examples of the good work that Green Mountain United Way performs in our community. Please join me in supporting an organization that invests donated dollars here in our communities. Send your contribution today to GMUW, 963 Paine Turnpike N #2, Montpelier, VT 05602 and be a part of the effort that creates lasting changes and improves lives.

    Thank you for your support.

    Catherine Hamilton

    Vice president of consumer services and planning

    Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont

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