• Looking to help the homeless
    March 27,2014

    Looking to help the homeless

    Our civics class at Spaulding High School has been focusing on the problem involving the homeless population of Vermont. As a class, we came up with a few different solutions to try to reduce the number of homeless citizens in Vermont. Our plan is to connect local business leaders with service providers for the homeless in order to provide part-time work for our local homeless folks. With this policy we would try to make it attractive and beneficial for business leaders to employ people who are homeless. The policy would perhaps give them a tax break, giving them reduced rent, or some other method to make their lives easier.

    Most homeless shelters are closed during the day, leaving the residents with little or nothing to do and no place to go. Providing part-time work would improve the confidence, skills and sense of pride for many of our towns homeless residents all while allowing them to earn money to buy their basic necessities.

    Another solution we came up with would be to provide motivation to local landlords to rent to homeless people. Our goal would be to work with state government to provide tax breaks for local landlords who specifically sell housing to homeless citizens. We believe that these are the best ways to help the homeless in our community and get them back into housing. What do you think?

    Spaulding High School

    Civics class

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