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    March 26,2014

    Who we are

    The town of Berlin voters, for the first time in memory, voted down the budget item for Circle, formerly Battered Women’s Services and Shelter. We have heard anecdotally from friends and supporters that many people did not know who we were and as a result did not vote in support of our request.

    We changed our name almost four years ago from Battered Women’s Services and Shelter to Circle for many reasons (you can find out our motivation by looking at our website, www.circlevt.org), and we have worked hard to build recognition for our new name. We apparently have more work to do.

    We can’t afford this happening again, and we cannot imagine the impact of more towns voting against us because voters don’t know who we are. So we are making a public appeal to all the towns in Washington County that provide us with funding to include us on the ballot as “Circle (formerly Battered Women’s Shelter)” to help. We are convinced that the majority of voters in Berlin really do support our work for victims and survivors of domestic violence in Berlin, as they have for so many years.

    And if you are a Berlin resident who does support our work, and want to help, please go to our website. The “Donate” tab at the top has numerous ways you can support our work.

    Finally, as a Berlin resident, I know so many of my neighbors who do support the work we do.

    Stephen McArthur


    The writer is the advocate and community outreach coordinator for Circle.

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