• We must act now
    March 12,2014

    We must act now

    We humans are facing some tremendous problems these days, problems such as massive overpopulation with its attendant global warming (the Earthís human population has nearly tripled since my birth, to a whopping 7.3 billion and still climbing). Then, thereís the constant spate of terrible ethnic and religious wars that are creating havoc around the globe, wars that continually draw our country into the fray, one way or another.

    Yes, these are global problems with no short-term solutions, but here at home we do have a chance to forestall a growing menace that threatens our country. I refer to the huge income inequality gap that is driving more and more American families into poverty and sending children to bed hungry here in Vermont and elsewhere across the land.

    We can stem the tide of this shameful inequity by raising the minimum wage to a livable level and by imposing a moderate tax increase on our wealthiest citizens, many of whom have unimaginable fortunes. The money from this tax increase on people who can well afford to pay could be used to fund programs designed to help families get back on their financial feet.

    These are solutions that can and should be made to happen, and the sooner the better. Push for the election of leaders on the state and national level who will fight to restore some balance in our society. Thereís not a moment to lose.

    Strat Douthat


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