• Demand GMO labeling
    March 11,2014

    Demand GMO labeling

    Andy Leader’s claim that GMO is a natural phenomenon could be used to argue that sanitary landfill is sanitary.

    Nature’s evolution process is not in any way the same as the process man applies in the name of GMO. The manipulation of DNA to achieve results for profit is in no way for the benefit of mankind. Producing unsustainable amounts of food to feed an overpopulated world is not in the best interests of the humans of this planet. Introducing pollution into the ecosystem that gets short-term results ignores the long-term effects. Sixty years ago I fished regularly in Lake Champlain. Are weed-free green grass on your lawn and the chemicals spread on the farms worth the condition of Lake Champlain today?

    Cross breeding plants is not GMO. The GMO corn as we know it today cannot grow in the wild. Producing food with built-in insecticide means we devour that insecticide ourselves. Means the insecticide affects all insects coming in contact with the plant. Means you cannot use the seed to grow the next crop because the GMO also is deliberately sterile, which requires you to purchase new seed each year.

    There is no triumph of modern science. That we cannot create a clone of any kind makes that clear. You cannot use the genes from only one string of DNA to clone an entire animal. Manipulating one gene from one string of DNA is pointless because living things consist of many types of nucleic acids.

    A cloned animal looks nothing like its “parent.” It is a myth that we can truly clone anything. Why then does anyone believe that manipulating one gene will only produce positive benefits when the interaction of many genes is required to create the whole?

    As has been demonstrated many times, man’s intervention fails to take into account the many unknown interactions among the details. Science reduces processes to simple one-at-a-time events because dealing with the whole is far beyond man’s capacity to comprehend.

    As long as corporations are not held responsible for what they introduce into our environment in the name of profits we are all at risk.

    Demand GMO labeling. It is the least we can ask.

    Alfred S. Blakey


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