• The most important license
    March 07,2014

    The most important license

    A few weeks ago I read about how massage therapists might have to become licensed. Hmm, not a bad idea since they, like anyone who tends to your body, might damage you in some way. And even though insurance exists for people who do such work, the state still has the right to ask the person doing the tending to have such licenses. Then I thought about all the licenses people have to get for doing various things: being a doctor, dentist, nurse, driving a car, hunting, fishing, plumbing, hairdressing, selling alcohol ... you get the idea. It seems that a person who wants to do anything that might hurt someone else must have a license.

    A few weeks later I read about the 2-year-old who had both her legs broken by her mother last year, and then beaten to death this year, allegedly by her stepfather. Am I the only one who wonders why the most important job in the world, the job in which the person being tended is utterly vulnerable to the one doing the tending, requires no kind of licensing or training? Is it because most people think of their kids as their property? To do with what they want? This is a hard question to consider. It is a lot easier to blame the Department for Children and Families.

    Joseph Mueller


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