• Doing the math on education
    February 22,2014

    Doing the math on education

    I frequently enjoy reading your editorials as a certain remedy for low blood pressure and to marvel at your shallow thinking. Your recent editorial certainly came from the Bernie Sanders play book. If I read the editorial correctly you concluded that if we simply tax the rich and apply that money to education, the test scores will rise and level out. One, it depends on who you call rich, which you did not define, but to many truly poor people in the world folks on some public assistance in our country would be thought of as rich. Letís assume you refer to a few percent of really super-rich people. One, they have methods to protect their wealth, and two, they donate to both political parties and you will never get any true tax reforms through Congress. This tax-the-rich idea creates an evil person we can hate and blame for our problems.

    I throw out a few ideas for consideration. The primary problem concerns desire and how we value education. Too many young people do not value education as well as too many parents. They look upon high school as something they have to do in order to get a job and get on with their life. Many do not have any life goals.

    I place this problem at the feet of teachers who are the professionals and run the schools. According to statistics, we spent in 2010 $15,274 per pupil on education where the countrywide average came to $10,615. According to the National Education Association website, in 2012 we had 9.4 students per teacher; they should be able to do a bang-up job with those numbers. The average teacher salary in Vermont in the same year came to $50,141, not shabby considering the nice yearly vacation. Their salary rose 31 percent from 2001 to 2011 where the average countrywide came to 24.1 percent. Come on, people, letís do the job and get on with it.

    Thomas Prindiville


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