• Legion is not all-male
    February 22,2014

    Legion is not all-male

    After reading your article in The Times Argus, I feel that I should comment.

    There are two different errors that were written in your article.

    The first is that it is true that I am an Auxiliary member, but as a dual member. I have been an American Legion member for over 20 years. In order to be an American Legion member you must have been in the military during a war and received an honorable discharge — many women have served and are serving as soldiers.

    I am truly an American Legion member and acted in the capacity of ADJ during this situation. The AJD position is one of leadership in any post. I also noted that you said that the American Legion is an all-male organization. I am a female and a member of the American Legion, so that is not true.

    In your article you said, “Davis alleges that in the events that followed, the Legion discriminated against her by not affording her the same rights as the Legion’s members, who are all men.” These right are for the members of the American Legion. The post is owned and operated by the members of the American Legion.

    We also have many other organizations to join, the Sons of the American Legion, Legion Riders and Auxiliary.

    Our post has a great deal of female members, and we as women would like you to correct this statement that the American Legion is an all-male organization. It is not. This opinion is my own and not that of the American Legion.

    Beverly Farnham


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