• Judge Barre for yourselves
    February 12,2014

    Judge Barre for yourselves

    Some people don’t know when to start, and some don’t know when to stop. I have been following the letters to the editor since the tragic recent robbery of the Quality Market, between the anguished, emotional and, under the circumstances, understandably harsh dialogue from the owner(s) of the market and the uncaring, misapplied, idiotic and inappropriate ranting of John Anderson. A distinct need to place blame inappropriately, make excuses for the current challenges in society, poorly directed thoughts, and therefore incorrect strategic assessments, appear to be hallmarks of Mr. Anderson’s thinking process. This is not the time or place to berate the victim. I would be very happy to see that level of energy be directed at helping out with some of those less fortunate who feel compelled to take assets away from others in order to make up for deficits in their upbringing and/or drug habits.

    Also, the thinly veiled statement from Mr. Anderson regarding why there would be so much money kept in the drawer(s) at Quality Market in such a poor neighborhood speaks to the way-too-commonly held belief that Barre is a veritable wasteland and that all of its denizens are impoverished and running around with guns in a lawless dystopian present. If Mr. Anderson (and many others) would actually come to Barre for themselves, they would see a community (with some of its nicest neighborhoods bordering Quality Market, a local, nonchain store, the likes of which are being sought after and championed by many a Montpelierite, by the way) with incredible cultural diversity, high spirits and pride. This negatively assumptive stance with respect to Montpelier’s presumed black sheep cousin city needs to stop. The city of Barre has a lot to offer, and it is mainly the perpetuation of inaccurate stereotypes that has to be overcome.

    Don’t let the negatives spewed by those who, on the whole, don’t spend time here create impressions for you. Please come to Barre and form your own opinions.

    Mark S. Waskow


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