• Standing up to biotech giants
    February 12,2014

    Standing up to biotech giants

    I am proud to be a Vermonter. I am proud to be among the hundreds of people who packed the State House to show their support for H.112. I am proud to be from a state that listens to what I and my neighbors have to say (or sing!). And most of all, I am proud to hear that the Senate Agriculture Committee passed H.112 without the trigger clause. This is a great day for Vermonters. In a bankrupt world of politicians in the pockets of big business, ours are still listening to us. Under the threat of lawsuit from biotech giants, I truly believe that Vermont is the only state strong enough in our convictions to blaze this trail. This could be a landmark move, Vermont ó letís add this to our legacy and put our own health over the profits lining pockets of biotech giants.

    To the senators on the Ag Committee: We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for hearing our voices and doing the right thing.

    To the senators on the Judiciary Committee: This is your opportunity to do something amazing for your constituency. Make us proud!

    And to all Vermonters, raise your voice and tell your senators to represent you when this bill makes it to the floor. Pass H.112 without a trigger, Vermont. If we donít do it, who will?

    Shelby Perry


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