• Lawyer: Evidence contradicts Christie on closures
     | February 01,2014

    TRENTON, N.J. ó A former loyalist of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie who oversaw lane closings near the George Washington Bridge says there is evidence that contradicts at least one public statement the governor made about the closures.

    In a letter Friday, David Wildsteinís lawyer says evidence exists that suggests the governor knew about the closures as they happened in September.

    The letter focuses on a January news conference where Christieís statements could be open to interpretation. But the month before, the governor had said he didnít know about the traffic problems until ďwell after the whole thing was over.Ē

    Wildstein was Christieís No. 2 man at the agency that runs the bridge. He has since resigned.

    Christieís office denied the claims in a statement, saying they donít contradict what the governor said. It did not immediately respond to a request for comment on his December remarks.

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