• Won’t be missed
    January 16,2014

    Won’t be missed

    Ariel Sharon, former Israeli general, prime minister and war criminal, has died.

    Don’t be fooled by references in the press to Sharon as a “man of peace.” He left his bloody fingerprints everywhere on Palestine, and his political legacy is still a guiding force for the architects of Israel’s illegal occupation and settlement regime.

    Sharon had a long resume of massacres. In 1953, for example, he led an attack against Qibya, a Palestinian village in the West Bank. Sixty-nine civilians were murdered when he ordered the demolition of their homes with them inside.

    Israeli officials initially lied about who carried out the attack, just as they lied in 1982 to cover up a much larger massacre in two Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon that Sharon bore responsibility for as defense minister.

    In the early ’70s, then-Gen. Sharon led a notorious campaign of repression and terror in Gaza to crush local opposition to Israel’s occupation.

    Later, as Cabinet minister and premier, he intensified Israel’s policy of destroying Arab homes in the occupied territories. Since 1967, more than 28,000 Palestinian homes and other structures have been razed to make room for Jewish settlers and to terrorize the population.

    Sharon also spearheaded one of the largest settlement expansions in Israeli history. Thanks to his work and those inspired by him, between 550,000 and 650,000 Jews now live in fortified, racially segregated colonies in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

    They enjoy the amenities of affluence and power, including access to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, on stolen land in violation of international law.

    Mark Hage


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