• Human nature at both ends
    December 19,2013

    Human nature at both ends

    Congratulations to Rob Roper for pointing out that at some point of eligibility for benefits, some people game the system and take advantage of our tax dollars doing it.

    That some people are making poor moral choices in this terrible economy should come as no surprise. Mr. Roper, we would all like to see the economy healthier for everyone. Sadly, as human nature leads to bad judgment and poor choices — sometimes encouraged by the power of big clumsy government — is it not also human nature for successful people with extra large resources to try to grow their gained advantages? Are you telling me that the astounding gains of the wealthiest Americans and the paltry flatline of so many of the rest of us is OK? That this push for wealth — often legally gained through diligence and legal investment — isn’t also human nature?

    Once, on the radio, I heard with my own ears an executive with Goldman Sachs reminded that his company had petitioned Congress for years through lobbying and contributions to make it real easy to set up those complex financial packages with lower and lower “collateral.” Asked by a reporter, didn’t he think those might be dangerous — and we all know the result in the many billions in losses to them and so many others — he replied: “Sir, I liken this to the responsibility a parent has for a child. If the government thought there was anything unsafe about that, they shouldn’t have let us do it.”

    Andy Harris


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