• Where’s the trophy?
    December 12,2013

    Where’s the trophy?

    In the late 1940s, early 1950s, the Vermont Headmasters Association commissioned a trophy to recognize the annual Vermont Class L high school men’s basketball champions. This mounted cup was engraved each year with the name of the Class L champion school. The trophy could be retired permanently to a school only if that school won the championship for three consecutive years, what was believed to be almost impossible. Spaulding High School accomplished this extraordinary feat starting with its 1961 state championship team and concluding with its third consecutive championship in 1963. The trophy was officially presented to Spaulding and the city of Barre for permanent keeping in 1963.

    At a recent class of ’61 reunion, several of us who were members of the 1961 team went to see it. Surprisingly, the trophy is nowhere to be found, and no one recalls what might have happened to it. It was confirmed as being in the old high school trophy case and appears to have been in the case of the new high school for some time. No one can recall exactly when it went missing or where it might be.

    Some might write all of this off to a few old men obsessed with a trivial artifact from their youth. Nothing could be further from the truth. This was a recognition of excellence and of extraordinary accomplishment. The trophy is a part of Vermont basketball history; it is a part of the history of Barre and Spaulding High School. Most importantly, it is part of the history of everyone who had any association with those championship teams of 1961, 1962 and 1963.

    The “grail” needs to be recovered and returned to its rightful place.

    We need people’s help finding it. If you have any recollection of it, or any ideas about where it might be, please contact us by email at ebarnes@rmcres.com or by phone at 800-258-0802.

    Everett Barnes Jr.

    Portsmouth, N.H.

    The writer is a Spaulding High School graduate of the class of 1961.

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